How to Create Custom Shortcut on Synology NAS Desktop?

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The Docker package in the Synology NAS allows you to add a container access address to the desktop, and through this feature, we can add custom links to the desktop.

Preview: 图片


  • Docker
  • SSH (optional)

Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1:

Install Docker and turn it on: 图片

Step 2:

Enter the container page

select any container, and then add a desktop shortcut to Web in the settings, as shown in the figure. 图片

If there is no existing container, you can create any image container by creating a new one.

Step 3:

In the address input box, enter the full address, such as: 图片

Step 4:

done. 图片

Shortcut icons are all Docker icons by default. If you need to modify them, you need to have certain Linux command operation knowledge and there is certain risk.

If you need to customize the icons, you can replace them via SSH.

Please note that you should back up the configuration first, modifying the wrong settings may require you to redo your personal settings.

User desktop configuration file: 


replace: YOUR-NAME, eg. workbene

Default Docker icon path: 


Use a code editor to format the JSON configuration and modify the corresponding attributes of each shortcut item under ShortcutItems.

  • iconmoduleTitle、
  • name
  • url

图片 If you need to add more shortcuts, you can directly copy the highlighted part in the picture to add it, pay attention to modify the id parameter, and it cannot be repeated.

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